Immediate Family filters

It is too many steps to extend the scope of a view so that the patterns that interrelate the records can be perceived. And which allows redundant records to be spotted & merged.

The Family view is under-developed for this purpose. The @cdhorn CardView expands the scope and exposes patterns & duplicates. But that subset of records has to be in a list (or grouped list) view before extended selections are enabled and merging can happen.

However, if a matched set of filters could narrow the scope of a view, then discovering winnowing down duplicates becomes much easier.

So adding a few built-in rules could greatly simplify merging duplicate branches:

  • Family rule:
    "Families of <people filter>"
    Include Families where Person is a Partner
    Include Families where Person is a Child

  • Person rule:
    "Family members of <family filter>"
    Include Parents
    Include Children

  • Events rule:
    "Events of <family filter>"
    Include Family events
    Include Parent events
    Include Children events

  • Place rule:
    "Places of <family filter>"
    Include Family event places
    Include Parent event places
    Include Children event places

  • Sources rule:
    "Sources of <family filter>"
    Include Family sources
    Include Parent sources
    Include Children sources

  • Citations rule:
    "Citations of <family filter>"
    Include Family citations
    Include Parent citations
    Include Children citations

  • Notes rule:
    "Notes of <family filter>"
    Include Family notes
    Include Parent notes
    Include Children notes

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I was looking for such filters a few months ago, and now I can’t remember. It might have been when I was trying to find a way to check whether I had accidentally put a child into multiple families with a mother or father relation of “Birth”. I rhink that might require something more than what you suggest.

Another thought, if such filters are created, it would be good if they could also consider the sources, citations, and notes that are attached not only to persons (parents and children) and families but also to ChildRefs.

Yes, if you’ve been exploring @cdhorn 's CardView, you’ll notice that the Citations column has “Indirect” as well. Those are where the Citation are attached to Secondary objects. It is a very sweet refinement.

It is likely that rules such as these will have surprise twists. So they would benefit from being released as add-ons before being converted to built-ins. And there might be ways to optimize the rule too. When dealing with the potential geometric growth (Individual count as you go from Person → Families), optimization is going to be important.

I have no doubt that this functionality can be created with @kku 's SuperTool, but these rules ought to be standard, not bespoke. The skills that @Mattkmmr has to code an add-on filter rule or @PLegoux has to design it in SuperTool are beyond the ability of the majority of the community.

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You’re right. This is not a problem to do this kind of filters with Supertool.

This is not your request but this one [fr] finds Individuals who were neither born nor died in a city and have no events there, but have citations from a source originating from this city (probably because they lived there) now go up with this individuals filter. (GEPS 015 like)

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