A quick gathering of primary & secondary Records?

Is there a quick way to collate all the primary and secondary records of the immediate family of the Active Person?

At lot of the Views & Tools in Gramps are too broad in scope for efficient use. Often, all a research is interested in is the microcosm of the people in immediate contact with the Active Person: their spouses, children, parents & siblings. Possibly, their in-laws, niblings & grandchildren. And less frequently, their Associates. And Notes linked would be occasionally helpful but potentially very inefficient because Notes sizes are so unlimited.

Lists of these people can be build via the Filters, either with a multi-stage Family Custom Filter or the Degrees of Separation & Active Person add-on rules. But when the database size grows, this feature slows to where the progress bar is always popping up but merely crawls.

Meanwhile, the Relationship view, chart views & the experimental view of @cdhorn all pop up nearly instantly without resorting to a Progress Bar load. Obviously, these views use a more efficient method to gather the subset of records.

It would be useful to have a standard function that efficiently pares down the Record set being evaluated. Then that set could be used for focused genealogical work.

For instance, the Age Statistics, Age on Date, Statistics, Top Surnames, What’s Next?, ToDo and Geography plots all become more digestible when scope is narrowed.

And selectors become more navigable. A Place hierarchy that only contains Places references be those People & Families are highly likely to include those sought for attachment to added Events. If that crawl winnowing could be applied to the People, Place, Source, Citation views; then it might become more efficient to swap views rather than use an object selector while you have a Family or Person Edit open to add multiple Events.

But I doubt this crawl winnowing could be folded into the Custom Filter Gramplet. That Gramplet already has too much going on.

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