How to use MySQL as Gramps database?

Reading the online documentation, I’m getting confused. Is MySQL an option for the Gramps database? If so, how do I enable it? I see that PostgreSQL is an option. But I have MySQL (or rather MariaDB) on my system, and I’m curious to see if there’s any significant advantage with it over SQLite.

Not according to this page: DB-API Database Backend which show only the following are supported possible (depending on your operating system and Gramps installer )

  • PostgreSQL - For Experts only!
  • MongoDB - For Experts only! This is an Experimental Unreleased addon.

Although somebody has already requested a new addon to support export and import of database as a SQL file using MySQL but no feature request I can see ask for a MySQL backend, so you may want to raise a request?

Back in 2018 on the old mailing list Nick Hall mentions:

You would have to create a MariaDB backend based on the existing
third-party PostgreSQL backend. This would reuse the DBAPI class used
by the SqLite backend which is supported in core Gramps.

It shouldn’t be very difficult to write. In fact, we did have a MySQL
backend, but it took too much effort to support.

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