How to install an addon that is not automatic

(GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2 on Windows 10 [had to leave from Linux due to WIFI driver issue])
I hope this question makes sense. I saw a link in one of the emails about a multi merge addon. I followed the link and found the one that had been created for 5.1. I have zero clue how to add this to my GRAMPS. I have been searching this site, the wiki and google for several hours. Can someone please get me out of my misery here? Can I even use it on Windows 10 and if so, HOW? (or is this only for Linux?)
the name of the file is multimergegramplet.addon.tgz
I found it here

Read Manually installed Addons

I did see that, but the file I have is neither of the file types listed? What am I missing here?

See the instructions for how to Install an Isotammi addon using the Gramps’ Addon Management feature.

For manual installation, the downloaded archive just has to be decompressed to go in its own folder in the Gramps User Directory plugins folder.

For Windows, this is located at

The next time you restart Gramps, the plug-in should register and be available in whatever portion of the GUI that the programmer set. (It could be a tool, view mode, Gramplet report… etc ad nauseum.)

what do I use to decompress the file? I am sorry I am so clueless. I sincerely appreciate any help. When I click on the file it just says nothing I have can handle the file.

I have 7zip downloaded & installed on my machine for all compression/decompressing tasks

I will go download 7zip. (I had it years ago, but it has been years since I used Windows.) I will give it a go!

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Wow! Isotammi has a lot of add-ons and their own Add-on manager file?

But be careful… there are add-ons for 5.0, 5.1 & the future 5.2 version. Add-ons targeted for each version won’t register for a mismatch.

Isotammi – The Genealogical Society of Finland

Isotammi Service is a service for co-operatively collected and validated genealogical data
iso-tammi : grand big oak trunk of a tree (Finnish)

thank you for reminding me! I do have the correct version. I am about to try it.

THANK YOU emyoulation for the instructions!!! I love this gramplet.


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Isotammi[1] seems to be a project not person, part of the Taapeli
project[2] and there are several plugins on that Github site. The
“Isotammi Configuration” project is interesting - allows searching for
new/updated addons either from Isotammi or the default Gramps repository
without having to change the URL each time. Would it make sense to
functionality built-in to Gramps to add multiple repositories to search
for add-ons?

[1] GitHub - Taapeli/isotammi-addons: Gramps addons for Isotammi project / Isotammen Gramps-lisäosia
[2] Taapeli project · GitHub

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Thanks for the lead. I just applied for an account on their main website. It would be nice to have a Isotammi page on our own wiki. It would be nice to have an introduction to their project and how to set up the Isotammi Configuration (including their URL)

I wonder what the API key is for? Language or version selection?

Maybe you could add a Feature Request. In many ways, the interface could be made similar to the dialog accessed by the ‘Edit’ button for the Display Name Editor which allows additional strings to be added and selected.

Although a feature like this should probable be related to:

  • 0009677: Move “help_url” option to all plugins (and addons)
  • 0011705: [3rd Party Addons]Note Add-on updates in session log

If the (Gramp Plugin Registry) Parser didn’t crash on Help page “help_url”, then the GitHub tool that generates the new_addons.txt add-on list file could automatically add a ‘h:’ parameter containing the registered help_urls. Which, in turn, would allow the Add-on manager to have a contextually useful Help button for every item in the list. Plus the installer could add hotlinked lines to the Session Log for each Add-on updated, removed or installed.

Greetings everybody!
The project Taapeli is for creating a genealogical site Isotammi (“Big Oak”, the mythological World Tree), which should serve as a platform for collecting the researcher outcomes of Finnish Genealogical Society.

Currently we have built path from user’s Gramps to Isotammi server and pages for browsing their data. Also in the server there are tools for cleaning up gedcom dialects from other softwares. An important component here is the Gramps with its wonderful features.

The user can import data as .gramps and .gpkg formats and browse it. Isotammi software is built on Neo4j database, Python and Flask (and increasingly Vue).

The main challenge now is auditing and merging user’s candidate material to approved data. We are also planning a live API to Isotammi to allow transferring common identifiers, reference places and sources back to the researchers’ Gramps database.

The reason for competing with world-wide services is to get better harmony with Scandinavian name formats and local archives and of course to keep the data safely in Finland.


As an Norwegian I just applaud this project …

Nothing more to say

Thanks for sharing these resources!

Are you the Point-Of-Contact for the project Taapeli (Tablet) or site Isotammi (Big Oak)?

There was a PDF document in with Deep Connections Chart with some instructions for that Gramplet.

And I found the following on your website:

Isotammen asetukset

Isotammen asetukset Big oak settings
Isotammi configuration (Isotammen asetukset) sijoitetaan työpöydälle ja sen avulla voi valita mm. mistä lähteestä laajennuksia asennetaan, Grampsin oletuspaikasta vai Isotammen laajennuksista. Tulevaisuudessa tähän grampletiin lisätään muitakin asetuksia. The Big Oak configuration (Isotammen asetukset) is placed on the Dashboard and can be used to select configuration options.

e.g. from which source the plug-ins are installed, from the default location of the Gramps project or from the Isotammi sub-project.

Other settings will be added to this gramplet in the future.

But it doesn’t describe the function of the API Key. Nor is there a list of valid parameters. Can you help?


I am the author of the Isotammi Gramps addons.

The “API Key” and “Isotammi URL” values are currently just saved in a config file. They will be used by other addons in the future - everything is still work-in-progress…


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This is incompatible with open source. All must be free with no API key.

Doesn’t the incompatibility depend on the purpose of the API key?

For instance, if it was a key for logging into the API of a commercial product (like Newspapers dot com or Ancestry dot com) then it would just be unlocking features on the other side of a portal.

Or it might a key to unlocking features for admins versus users, or users that have passed skills tests, or interface flavors based on remote preferences.

Commercial product are incompatible with gramps. All addons must be GPL v2+