Can't download Isotammi Addons

Gramps 5.1.6 (personal fork) on LMDE 5

The Taapeli Project (which is a national database of Finnish Genealogical Society) curates their own set of “Isotammi lisäosia : “Big Oak (the mythological World Tree) add-ons" for Gramps. The add-on manager installation files are hosted separately.

When I try to download the Isotammi Addons from

Gramps says that it can’t connect to the server. And when I try the https links on that site, I see 404 errors.

I was looking for the Multimerge Gramplet, which I can also try to install manually, but I like to know what’s going on. I haven’t contacted the author on Github yet.


I got in touch with the author and found that the add-ons can only be loaded with language set to EN, FI, or SV.

And my Gramps is looking for addons-nl.txt

Is this a bug? Shouldn’t Gramps have a fallback scenario, and always try addons-en.txt?

More of an enhancement. But considering the next release is an enhancement release, it doesn’t matter which way it is classified.

But I’d still mark it as a ‘block’ level impact.

@Nick-Hall has indicated he intends some improvements for the Plug-in Manager for the 5.2 release. A language switch or fallback sounds like an important functionality.

There is an odd thing though. The author wrote that when he runs Gramps in Dutch, he gets a file not found error for addons-nl.txt, but he can still see the full list of addons.

This suggests that there is a fallback already, or … his Gramps uses a cached copy of whatever addons file it can find.

And we solved that too. The problem is in the Plugin Manager Enhanced [repaired and updated 7 Oct 2022]:

When I remove that, and paste the Isotammi GitHub URL again. I can download all tools, including the one that one can use to switch these URL’s.

This means that we still have some room for enhancements, but in another place.

That makes sense too. @prculley re-writes that add-ons text file into a local file with a few extras to support added features.

He took a lot flak during the development of the Plugin Manager Enhanced and might be reluctant to return to it. [Plugin Manager Enhanced has since been updated]

OK, I think I’ll stay away from it then, for a while, especially because @Nick-Hall has plans for it too.

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A new version of the Plugin Manager Enhanced has resolved this problem.

The Isotammi server only includes add-on lists in Finnish, Swedish & English. Users running any other language were stymied. The fallback (to look for an English list) has been repaired. With the update Plug Manager Enhanced, the Isotammi URL now works.

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