How to find when specific Gramps file was superseded

The wiki page “Match dates” appear to refer to a functionality that was rolled into the Preferences GUI.

The change logs and Release History pages seems to be too segmented to search efficiently. (Even if I knew the appropriate label / term to search.)

I’d like to add an “Obsolete Information” warning dialog that informs of the replacement tech. (Or a even the more strident Stub Stagnant note.) How do I discover when a functionality was superseded.

{{man warn|Obsolete Information|This troubleshooting documentation is oriented around a superseded dependency in Gramps. Reliance on the BSDDB database engine was removed in the 5.1 release.}}

The superseded/obsolete wiki page talks about manually editing before/after/about values in the following file that may not exist in current releases of Gramps:

Does it make sense to fold a MediaWiki magic word into the Stub Stagnant template that suppresses indexing the page for the wiki’s internal search?

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