How many persons is it possible to register in the program?

I’m a real computer novice so I don’t know how to find the code for your program, but I do know that I’m running Windows 10.
1)As the header tells you I want to know the maximum for input of names.
2)Is there a Swedish language included?
3)If so, does it need a computer pro to make it function?

Looking forward to start an old hobby once again.
Johnny Månsson

As of this morning I have 220,131 people. Another user imported multiple GEDCOMS and was well beyond 1million.

Obviously running filters, etc can become slow and sometimes seems to ‘hang’ before completing its task. But for the most part I have no problem.

Of greater importance is how ‘deep’ you set the Max Generation for relationships calculator. It starts to hang (I find) when the generations is greater than 20 and trying to label the relationship when the shared relative is greater than 20 generations back.

  1. There is no limit, but with large numbers of objects (e.g. several 10.000s of persons) the programm gets slower.
  2. yes it should be fully translated in Swedish
  3. Gramps also runs on older hardware e.g. I also had it running on a 10 year old netbook, but for me it was difficult to work on small screen.

No maximum, somebody over on reddit is using Gramps with over 1.4 Million entries with the associated slowness you’d expect from parts of Gramps.

The maximum is the database size of 140TB…
If each record (row) in the database is 800KB of data, that would be something similar to 187 904 819,20
So even if you wrote each persons full biography (as in an essay or a short book) in a Note , you still would be able to have a few 100k records in the database…


From personal experience, I advise using Linux as the operating system for more than 2000 people. Under Windows, Gramps is really tough, under Linux everything goes smoothly.

I have 11500 people using Windows 10, without problems.

David Lynch

There are things that you should change immediately if you intend to make a VERY large tree:

Change the ID Formats preferences.
The default is for IDs with a letter identifier for category and 4 digits for the indexing. Person used “I%04d” (That’s 'I’ndividual with up to 4 leading zeroes.) So for the Person category, that’s individuals I0001 through I9999. The ten thousandth individual does NOT cause a failure. It just messes up the alphabetical sorting.

You’re likely to have more Events, Persons, Notes & Citations than the others. But I set them all to 6 leading zeroes regardless. (Events example: ‘E%06d’) That’s clean to a million.