How do I include a fraction in the Place field

(Please include your Gramps version and Operating System) GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2

I have an address of 86 1/2 High Street… How do I get it as a single printer character?

Try Alt+0189 : ½

I looked that up with the special characters app.

Alternatively use the compose key combination: Compose12

I had already tried &#189

I tried your suggestion, but it still doesn’t work (in Windows) do you mean the following key depressions:

  • Alt
  • +
  • 0189

But I did manage it (½) using the Special Character map !

Many thanks

Thanks for your help - I managed to sort it out.

Yes. It’s press and hold the Alt key, and then type the 4 digits on the numerical key pad, while holding the Alt key. I tried that in Windows 11.

I too use the character map (Win10) for the first instance. I have created a “To Do” note in the To Do gramplet open on the Dashboard. I then store the character in the note for the next time I need it. Usually, I will grab other similar characters at the same time while I have the Character Map open.

For future reference, see:

Sounds good, thanks!

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