How comparable is Charts view development to Graphic Reports?

There are Charts view modes that cannot be replicated in the higher resolution (and varied output formats) of Generated Reports.

Although some of the Reports are too processing intensive to be replicated in the Chart View, shouldn’t it be possible to augment the (occasionally available) Print toolbar button to push the current View configuration and filtering to a matching Graphical Report for output in finer than screen resolution & with wider options? Likewise, it would be useful to push the Fan gramplet settings to the Fan Chart view or graphical report.

The Descendant and 2-way Fan charts are nice Chart view modes… but they are not available to be output as editable SVGs like the Fan Graphical Report. And I like the vibrant colors of the Fan Gramplet but it doesn’t have any Config options to indicate how to Configure the Fan Graphical Report or Chart view mode to match.(Note that Fan Chart view modes have odd centering as you tweak the Generations & type of graph… plus you cannot zoom in.)

I am wondering how much development in a Chart view mode is directly transferable to a developing a Graphical Report? Or does everything have to be completely redone to make a comparable Graphical Report?

(I just saw a 2-year-old posting on Facebook about a variation of the 2-way Fan chart created in PowerPoint. It inverted the orientation so that the Fan looked like a Tree. It had the Ancestors off the bottom, as a narrow segment creating the illusion of a tree trunk & roots and filled with Brown shades getting progressively paler by generation. The branches were the offspring, grandchildren and great-grandchildren with each child’s branch having a different shade in a blue-green gradient, again getting paler with successive generations. Very attractive.It seemed like an SVG output would open opportunities for quickly generating a similar chart for Print or webpages.)

“joined fan chart” by Pam Shoberg

This would be nice, I agree!

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