House Time Line Plugin : Problem with fonts


I try to use House TimeLine plugin (Gramplet), but I got this


Specific font is required ?

Gramps 5.1.3 - Linux Mint 20.04 LTS


Did some exploring with the code.

In the at line 41 is the font used by the Gramplet

tag.set_property("font", "Courier 8")

To see if things could be changed, I altered mine to

tag.set_property("font", "DejaVu Sans 12")

This is the font I have set my overall Gramps font in Themes.

Everything still works except for the drawing of the House. I did not do a lot of tinkering to set a font where the House still displays. I just set the Configuration to not display the house. Since I set the Gramplet to open in the Dashboard, in the view Configuration Gramps-config there will be the overall view config (colmns) then loaded Gramplet configs.

So the bottom line is that you will be able to set the app to use a font you have.

FYI Plugins are installed under your User directory’s version folder. gramps51\plugins\

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The default font should probably be a multi-level sans-serif with multiple fallbacks.


font-family: Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif

See this cross-platform suggestion for web fonts

Thanks !

Setting font at line 41 of plugin’s source code works fine, text is readable.

But, as I can read text I also see informations are from Address tab and not from Events (type Residence) I used.

I should investigate more on how Address and Event (RESI tag ?) should work in Gramps and GEDCOM… (it seems to me that an address record could be linked to an event when tag RESI is set… ???)
GEDCOM seems easy to understand, but so old and some specifications are not enough detailed to be really clear…

However, thanks all for your help ! :+1:

Ahhh… Yes, the House timeline works off of the Address tab. And to be of any real value should be used by copying the address from the clipboard to ensure each address is the same for each person who lived there. (A misspelling becomes a new address.) And in theory (or good record keeping) with all the various time spans the various people lived at the address, a fuller picture can be gleaned from the information. To really make it work, you would also track each person’s history of residences through time.

Alas, a lot of work and I tend to just use it to store my nearest relatives with their current information.

There is the Place Report where you can select a place and print people and events. If you have an actual street address as the place this could be useful to you when combined with a Residence event type.

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