Hourglass Graph's Max Ancestor Generations

[Gramps v5.1.6 - Win10]

The “Max Ancestor Generations” for Hourglass Graph seems to be limited to a maximum of 15.

Is it possible to increase it to 20 (and beyond)>


You will need to hack the code gramps\plugins\graph\gvhourglass.py

Change lines 372 and 377 and changing the 15 to your new value.

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Thank you, that works great!

Another question on the Hourglass Graph – I noticed that the partner/spouse of the “Center Person” is not included in the graphs. Is this by design or did I miss some report option setting that would enable such inclusion?

If you notice, the spouses are not included in the descendant lines. They are in-laws. And the chart are the ancestors/descendants of the center person. The spouse would have a different chart. Definitely in the ancestor lines but possibly in the descendant lines as well.

A Family chart/report would include more family information.

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