Highlight persons who have had an updated events' dates

I want to offer a function that would highlight persons who have had an updated events’ dates.
I will give a practical example of a problem that I personally encountered:

A certain number of persons already have events of birth, death, which are not exact, but calculated relative to other events. For example, if a person is married, then I can calculate the range of their birth and death dates. Next, I research the next fund in the archive and add another 100 documents to the database for 100 different persons. But I can forget to recalculate the dates for these people. And dates could become more accurate, because the more events in a person’s life, the more accurate ranges of dates, birth and death he will have. At the same time, I do not think it is very appropriate to do such a recalculation every time when adding a new event, because there may be many references to a certain person in this fund and it would be desirable to count him only once after adding all these documents. I will also add that it is better to add wide ranges of birth and death dates than to add nothing at all. This is how you can roughly see at least the generation to which a person belongs. It happens that you have an identity document, but you have about 10 people with such a name and surname. That’s when these calculated dates of birth and death are very helpful.

In my opinion, it would be very interesting to have a possibility that would show that this person or his events (dates) were edited. It can be some icon, icon, signature, whatever. When I have checked such a person, counted them again, I turn off this icon so that it does not light up.

A list of things that can affect the estimated age of a person:

  1. the dates of person own events
  2. dates of person marriages
  3. birth dates of person children

If even one of these dates changes or is added or removed, then such a person should be noted as needing to recalculate his own dates of birth and death.

I think you could identify many such cases by running Tools → Utilities → Verify the Data. I don’t know if it already finds people having events before they were born, or after they died (other than burial), but if not, maybe that could be an enhancement.

I understand that in your case, you want to know if any events have changed, so that you can rerun your calculations. But at least this tool can help you find people that need to be recalculated because some things no longer make sense,

More specifically for your case, maybe you need a new filter rule that can look at the last change date of an event, so that you can build some custom filters around that.

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