Here be dragons

Often, the Places selected for plotting in a Geography view lack the necessary Latitude & Longitude attributes. So they are simply omitted from the View.

Would it be possible to have a Configuration feature to plot undefined Places at a pre-specified GPS coordinate? And perhaps another for invalid coordinates.

It would be amusing if the map tile was overlaid with the old Here Be Dragons graphic of a sea serpent entangling a ship for the invalid ones.

The concept of setting a Terra Incognita placeholder is a time honored tradition in cartography.

Such a feature in Geography maps being targeted for publication would create a workable ToDo list for refining/fixing the Place definitions.


An alternative might be to use the next higher enclosing Place with coordinates.

This wouldn’t help with a ToDo list but an approximation would show up in the map. (I have many relatives with confirmed events to have been on multi-generational homesteads within a county or township. In some cases, I even know the road. Unfortunately, those properties have not yet been precisely located.)