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I want to search for a subset of citations in a subset of sources for a subset of people.

I was able to to the 1st two but not the 3rd. (To be honest, I had to settle for manually tagging for the Source criteria & use a filter for the tag.)

My particular case is looking for citations without notes in local newspapers for direct ancestors.

I cannot find a method to filter for Citations of specific people… or all the citations for a single person. It is complicated by citations being under secondary objects (Events, family role events, Notes, etc.) as well as directly under the Person.

Any suggestions on either Citation filtering problem?

The filter rule you are looking for is “People with citations matching the <citation filter>” which does not exist.

And of course it depends on how you add these citations to the person. Directly in the Person Source Citations, or to an event.

I have a custom filter "People with FindAGrave memorial citations. It consists of two rules (“at least one must apply”). Those rules are “People with the <source>” which points to my FindAGrave source id, and “People with events matching the <event filter>”, which uses a custom filter “Events having FindAGrave Source citrations”. which in turn uses “Events with source matching the <source>” which again points to my FindAGrave source.

But it sounds like you want a filter that you can use in the Citations view rather than in the People view?

Yes. I saw that was having a free access weekend until midnight (Mountain Time) on Monday the 21st. So I wanted a worklist of newspaper citations that I had referenced but not collected.

(The hometown library indexes obits but does not have the text online. Also, many genealogy books cite without including the article.)

Any solution will be too late for this weekend. I am going to miss this opportunity… but it would be nice to be ready for the next time. And to be able to generate a prioritized list when visiting a FamilyHistory Center.

There is a filter option to filter people by a source. Adding that filter to your direct line people filter. It would include those citations you have already found/completed but better than no filter.

But does not that return information about Sources, not Citations?

All of my home county persons (related directly, indirectly, and unconnected) have at least a couple citations in the main newspaper: marriage, death, funeral, births, celebrations, accidents, legal entanglements, et cetera.

I have hundreds (if not thousands) of citations from the primary newspaper for my region. But I want a list of only the citations referencing my direct ancestors.

You can have an filter for Events which have a given Citation.
Then all you need is a Filter for People with the Events defined by that filter.
Wouldn’t that work ?

As particular sources was a criteria of your search, my understanding of your need, those relatives with those sources would meet your criteria. You just want to further select for the actual citation particulars which cannot, at this time, be done.

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It’s possible that a variant of the End Notes from the Detailed Ancestral Report might be a starting point for what I need.

You could try this supertool citations filter combined with your own citation/source filter:

[Gramps SuperTool script file]



gid = []
persons_tag = 'a_persons_tag'

for citator in citators:
    if "Person" in str(citator):
        if persons_tag in citator.tags:

gramps_id in gid






Select people you want, tag them with some tag you want then replace persons_tag = 'a_persons_tag' with this same tag before saving the supertool as a filter and running the combined filter (yours+supertool) in citations view

And for events, dupplicate it, replace “Person” by “Event”, tag all events of persons you want, modify the tag variable then rerun your combined filter

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