Can Citations be filtered by Reference

I have a lot if duplicate citations (downloaded from ancestry) where one citation is attached to an Event and another is attached to the Person who is the main participant.
I want to delete all the citations that reference Individuals. The quickest way I have found so far is to scroll the citations list with the References gramplet displayed at the bottom (I filter it by Source first so it is manageable as I have over 12000 citations) and tag any that reference a Person with a DELETE tag then filter on the DELETE tag and delete that batch of citations.
Is there a way to just filter all citations that that have a Reference Type of Person, so I don’t need to do the tagging step?

Version 5.1.2 Linux Ubuntu

Do you thought to use Supertool to do the job automatically?

Tagging or deleting citations can be done with some line of code using this tool.

Thanks for the suggestion. I wasn’t aware of Supertool. I will try installing it and take a good look at it. It seems like it would be very useful.

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