Bulk adding citations

Please don’t mind me for asking another noob question.

How can I add one citation (e.g. C1234) to either a filtered list of persons or, alternatively, to all persons in a tree?

Thanks for your help in advance!

(Using Gramps 5.1.4 on Manjaro.)

Gramps doesn’t have bulk modification as a built-in capability. (With the exception of Tagging.)

But, you can use the SuperTool add-on to add citations if you are comfortable with database operations.

Or you can design an “export sample & import replicant” workflow that involves:

  • creating a sample of the citation attached to a person
  • Export the single citation to a spreadsheet
  • filtering a view of your target records
  • exporting the filter view to a spreadsheet,
  • Replicate the sample citation line, substituting in your targets
  • import replicated list

See the Import and try a few mass changes to the example.gramps tree. (It is always better to experimental butchery on a replaceable cadaver.)

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