Help creating or altering Individual Report and Family Group Report

Gramps AIO64-5.1.5-1 & Windows 7 Ultimate

I would like to alter the “Individual Report” in the following way: I would like events to print as
The current order appears to be:

On the Family Group Report I would like the Children information for each child to be on one line, omitting location. There would be 4 columns across under the heading of “Children”

Headers would be Sex Name Birth Death and the output would be like this

1F Malvina Gassin 1869 1917

Additional details: I do not need spouse info for children on the family group sheet, but the default report lets you omit this anyway. If you need to see a sample of what I am looking for, I will upload my edited sheets. I could manually edit each sheet, but with 800 people in this branch, that is a lot of changes.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions or replies. Happy Head hunting :slight_smile:

There’s a wiki page about how to “Adapt a built-in Report”. This is a starting point for what you want to do.

The first change (swapping field order) should be a simple task & make a good first experiment.

You could ask questions here and the answers will help us improve that wiki article.

I did review the section on adapting a built in report. I am not a programmer, just a rocket scientist that couldn’t understand pointers. I figured the first order switching part would be easy, but the code was too difficult for me to wade thru. Thank you for your reply. I will keep looking.

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