Has anyone tried the FHMWG writer code, Win or otherwise

Since I cannot raise any replies on the FHMWG GitHub page or anywhere else, I thought I give this forum a try, in case any one here might have a solution or input.
Same problem with the ‘required’ Adobe XMP SDK code on Github

Over the past while, (in fact soon after I found the project) I had compiled and used the writer code with some success under Windows & both MSVC 2029 & 2022.

But, any time I tried using the JSON input file provided by the project, I have never had any success. Every time it bombed and crashed.
Lately, I have taken a new interest and tried again. This time I tracked more of the internal steps in the debugger, and eventually realized that if I include the line
as part of the try - catch structure, I end up seeing the exception thrown by this code and it says
CRASHED with error 107:

Can’t fit into specified packet size

Somewhere inside the Adobe XMP SDK code there is a function which thinks the data I am trying to write is to big to fit in the ‘allotted’ space, which might well be, but, IMO, that should not stop the show.
The app should be able to rewrite the data as needed.

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