Hard copy photo storage

Feel free to delete this if it’s not tangential enough to gramps itself but I figured people here would have a better clue.

I am going to digitize all the photos I have (from recent, from all the way back to 1900 or maybe earlier, etc.) and that part is all well and good. I have a big Canon flatbed and an Epson FF-680 that should take care of that and I know how I plan to store the digital copies (and their backups, of course.)

My question is- how do I store the photos themselves after I am done? Has anyone done this on a big scale? I really don’t prefer to keep the photo albums themselves and would want to just put them all together by category and then store them compactly. I read about acid-free archival paper but it is quite pricey (unsure if someone knows where to get that in bulk.)

Just looking for a good and economic way to store these for the foreseeable future. Obviously nothing lasts forever but I want to do my best to preserve them.

I think it’s a complicated question. The best way in fact is to use box in acid-free paper and then you should put them in a room with a relativ constant temparature, a low humidity rate and a low risk of fire. Even with that, nothing is 100% sure. Look at the official archives: they can lose documents for different reasons such as mould or even fires.

I went with a photo box (that has separate acid free containers inside) and acid free paper to separate each photo inside that. If they disintegrate after all that, well…it wasn’t meant to be.

Thanks for the help.

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