Gallery Photos Referenced not Attached

Been using Gramps for a while, but made a rookie mistake and wanted others to avoid.
Recently upgraded to a new computer and noticed my Gallery photos had red x’s. Photos were stored in a temp folder that I did not bring over to my new computer. Assumed by mistake that photos I added were permanently attached/tagged within Gramps and not just referenced. Created a new photo directly within my Gramps folder so they get included in my backups, re-pointed the references and all is well, but could have been much worse. Maybe I am tagging photos incorrectly?

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I’ve had this problem every time update Gramps or transfer to a new computer. Can you give me a bit more information on where Gramps looks for the photos? I have all my photos in a sub-folder of “Pictures” which I call “Family History”.

Last time this happened was when I transferred Gramps from my Windows machine to my Ubuntu desktop. The length of the path to the photos was extraordinarily long when I eventually got Gramps to find them.

There must be a better way to do this surely.

I have created a subdirectory under my Gramps folder for attached photos. At least this way the photos are included in my daily backups and if I transfer the Gramps directory again, they will be included. Gramps seems to be ok with referencing photos wherever you originally attach them from. If you click on “Media” in the Category menu, Gramps shows you where your attached photos are stored (or where Gramps thinks they are stored) and allows you change the location, the new location needs to exist. If have explained anything incorrectly or there is a better way, let me know.

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