Handle not found... not found


While creating a Dynamic Web Report I’ve got a Handle not found error message.
I’ve got another “not found” while searching for that handle into last automatic backup file:

Checking/repairing the database does not report any errors. Running DWR again after that check, same error still exists.

Where can I find that handle to correct my db ?
Any idea ?

You appear to have a ‘Link’ in a note that is pointing to something that has been deleted or merged out of existence. Your search through the XML to find handle, (and find the link) is probably failing because you have a leading space in the search string ’ '. You may want to just search for the last 5-6 characters of the handle, making sure the find is not requiring a whole word, as handles in the XML are always preceded by the ‘_’ character.

Check and Repair doesn’t currently find this sort of problem.

We are aware of this issue and have made some fixes https://github.com/gramps-project/gramps/pull/1093/files in the upcoming 5.2 release. Unfortunately I think the changes are a bit much to add to the current code by the typical user.


FYI. Your solution is the good one but when I try to replace the current link by another one Gramps don’t change it. I’ve to recreate the linked sentence then recreate the link for that new sentence. Editing existing bad link and selecting another object is not enough to replace it.

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