Problem: error add element

Looking at the docker grampsweb logs I notice this message "ERROR:root:Error parsing list of recent DBs from file /root/.gramps/recent-files-gramps.xml: no element found: line 1, column 0.

This might indicate a damage to your files.

If you’re sure there is no problem with other files, delete it, and restart Gramps."

I’ve seen that the error occurs when I add a new element (family, individual or other), on the web user side, however, I don’t get any error messages.

I’ve already restarted the docker but the error is still there.

Do you have a solution for me? Do you think this could have any consequences for the future?


Thank you !

(Gramps version: 5.1.6 and Operating System: docker/synology DSM 7)

Hi! You can ignore this error. It’s emitted by code in Gramps core which is not relevant when not using the desktop version.

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Thank you for your reply. I’ve noticed another little problem when I add a family or a person, I have to refresh the page manually to see them appear in the list, Is this normal?

Hi, in which list is it that they don’t appear?

I’ve been seeing the same error. I was wondering if there’s a file that should be added to a volume to persist between docker reloads. What exactly is this error about? I’m using both Gramps for desktop and Gramps web, and I’m using the web sync plugin to synchronize the two. I’m seeing the error in the docker logs.

In all lists, when I add to any list I have to refresh my page to see the addition.

Just to confirm I understand correctly: you are looking at the person list view, add a person, then go back to the person list view and don’t see the newly added person?

Can you confirm that when you change the sort order or change the tab (e.g. person->family->person) you do see the newly added object?

Yes i confirm don’t see

But it does show up when you change the sort order (rather than refreshing the page), right?

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