Half siblings in Relationships window?

Is there a way to view half-siblings (half-brother/half-sister) in the Relationships pane?
My mother has a number of half brothers and half sisters thanks to my grandmother’s prior marriage, but they don’t appear in the Relationships view. Using the Relationship Calculator tool though, it does indeed show it calculating these siblings as “sister” and “brother”.

The Relationship view shows all of the people that are a part of the Families that the Active Person is a member.

So your Mother as the active person shows her parents, and her families where she is a parent.

Making her mother the active person will show her parents and her two families and her children including your mother and her half siblings.

You can add the children from your grandmother’s first family into her second family. When adding them, you can set the children’s relationship to her second husband as “Stepchild” in the Family’s Children tab. If the second husband were to have adopted these children, there is an “Adopted” option.

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