Graph Generation Fails When Using Path Names Containing Foreign-Language Special Characters

[Gramps AIO, Windows 10]

I am not able to generate graphs (e.g., relationship graphs) if the folder or file name of the target output file contains (Vietnamese alphabet) characters with diacritic marks, example: ễ as in Nguyễn, or special consonant characters, example Đ as in Đinh. The graph generation execution would fail with error diagnostic message “… not found”.

On the other hand, there is no such issue in generating any graphical report (e.g., descendant charts).


Unfortunately the graphs use an external tool (GraphViz) that is known to have problems with non-Unicode text, like on Windows systems (which still uses code pages). I think it works better on all Unicode systems, like Linux.

The best I can offer is to store your report in a temporary location with a simple filename, and then move it with the Windows file manager to where you want it.

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