Gramps Web DigitalOcean 1-Click App problem

Gramps 5.1.5
Fedora 38

I followed the guidelines in DigitalOcean - Gramps Web
What I did was following:

Step 1: Created a DigitalOcean account … OK
Step 2: Create the droplet … OK
Step 3: Set up a domain name

I have and added a host
but I have to specify an IP-address … which one should I use?

Step 4: Log in to your droplet

I made ‘ssh root@ip-droplet-address’ and it went OK
asking my about domain (I entered & email.
Should i ‘Add domain’ for my droplet in DigitalOcean … pull down menu.
I did enter

Step 5: Launch Gramps Web

How to start Gramps Web … what is URL-address?

what is URL-address

Gives me … Unable to connect

The one of your droplet

Still don’t work … I am lost.
What do you recommend?
Should I delete the droplet and start from scratch?

I deleted the droplet and started from square one … now I get a login screen from Gramps WEeb !!!
Seems that I am airborne.
But what User/Passwd is asked … have not defined any during DigitalOcean Gramps WEB installation.

OK … I register a new account but got Error 405.
What is this?


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According to the link:

The site administrator needs to go into their preferences (the circular icon at the top) and then then Administration tab. Edit one user (presumably the administration him / her / their self) and set their role to “Owner”

Where is the circular icon at the top and Administration tab … Gramps or DigitalOcean?

@emyoulation and @DavidMStraub – I am getting a similar issue.

Caveat emptor. After I (FINALLY!) got my tree online, I set about to set up a second instances of grampsweb. These comments are about that second instance.

I flashed one of my Raspberry Pi 4s and did an update on all the software. I then brought up a root shell and installed docker and docker-compose.

Staying as root, I then created the direction /opt/grampsweb, and then docker-compose.yml in that folder:

  GNU nano 5.4                                                                                                 docker-compose.yml                                                                                                          
version: "3.3"

  grampsweb: &grampsweb
    restart: always
      - "8000:5000"  # host:docker
      GRAMPSWEB_TREE: "Gramps Web"  # will create a new tree if not exists
      GRAMPSWEB_CELERY_CONFIG__broker_url: "redis://grampsweb_redis:6379/0"
      GRAMPSWEB_CELERY_CONFIG__result_backend: "redis://grampsweb_redis:6379/0"
      GRAMPSWEB_RATELIMIT_STORAGE_URI: redis://grampsweb_redis:6379/1
      - grampsweb_redis
      - gramps_users:/app/users                    # persist user database
      - gramps_index:/app/indexdir                 # persist search index
      - gramps_thumb_cache:/app/thumbnail_cache    # persist thumbnails
      - gramps_cache:/app/cache                    # persist export and report caches
      - gramps_secret:/app/secret                  # persist flask secret
      - gramps_db:/root/.gramps/grampsdb           # persist Gramps database
      - gramps_media:/app/media                    # persist media files
      - gramps_tmp:/tmp

    <<: *grampsweb                                 # YAML merge key copying the entire grampsweb service config
    ports: []
    container_name: grampsweb_celery
      - grampsweb_redis
    command: celery -A gramps_webapi.celery worker --loglevel=INFO

    image: redis:alpine
    container_name: grampsweb_redis
    restart: always


Yes, I know this is unsecured. This running on my private intranet and cannot be accessed from the public internet.

When I open the local grampsweb site (http://localhost:8000), I get the username / password prompt, as @rajan appears to have, not the initial configuration dialogs, which is what I would expect.

When I look inside /opt/grampsweb, I do not see either nor firstrun,py, as I had seen previously.


Hi @dmgursky,

this might be a regression introduced by the latest version. Can you be so kind and open an issue at Issues · gramps-project/gramps-webapi · GitHub describing again the steps and the symptoms?

Thanks a lot.

I’m gonna party like it’s nineteen seventy nine! [When I was a novice software weenie doing QA…. And probably paid about the same! :rofl:]

Done. Have a super fine evening. Or morning….