GRAMPS 5.1.2 - A number of geography questions!

Hi, your forum told me I could not put more than 2 links in a post, however, there were no links in my post at all. Please could one of the moderators replace this message with the content of the pastebin text file here - thanks!

In the meantime, if anybody would be kind enough to check out the questions in that pastebin file above and provide replies, I would be very grateful!

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The Discourse parser must have seen some markup/markdown keywords. (It repeatedly linked all those multiple references to the Ancestry UK website.) The 2 link limit will disappear after you graduate from ‘New’ user status too.

Your posting pasted from the referenced site:

  1. Hi - I have a few questions:
    1. It does not seem possible to generate a map with all of my Ancestors on it. There is no “Ancestor view” within the geography tool (only a descendant view). I have tried applying an all events filter subsequently limited to ancestors of PID but because the Ancestor filter tools are not supposed to be available in the Geography area, it doesn’t work. There just doesn’t seem to be any way of achieving this. That’s annoying, as we everybody comes off a signficant number of different lines of blood relatves. Is there any way of currently doing this by the back door please?
    1. I’m finding that data coming in from is erroring and there are errors within reports that are generated (particularly in the text based reports generated and their notes area. Line not recognised etc. Can anyone shed any light on this please?
    1. Has anybody assessed how much data loss there is between tree version 1 that is downloaded from, tree version 1a that is edited in GRAMPS and then tree version 1c that is uploaded back to with locations fixed?
    1. Is there any way of adding an extra header within the places view for telephone area code and partial postcode? Is there any way of automating the process of picking these up please?
    1. With the place completion lookup tool, will it replace place names that I have manually edited or merge places it considers similar - I am scared to use it (and could it help any with question 4 above)?
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  • indieben.

Thanks for popping this in for me! I put rather than it would appear but never mind :slight_smile: I’ve done the “new user” tutorial so hopefully it might sort it out. I’ve used Discourse before but I guess it’s not to know!

The filters for the geography views depends on the view (geoplace, geoperson, geofamily, …)
We need to add a new view for that: geoancestor ?

I’m thinking that both question 2 and 3 expose a conceptual flaw when cloud and local repositories are used to keep a database. The flaw is the duplication of the master to two locations. GRAMPS does not allow dual access for good reasons. Replicating your database to the cloud effectively bypasses dual access controls. Chaos is guaranteed.
I recommend GRAMPS as your main repository. It is free, off-line and not subject to the vagaries of a commercial and/or religious corporations (eg.LDS). By all means export a public version of your data. But, use Ancestry and other web sites to get and confirm information for your GRAMPS data. I would treat the cloud like I treat the Narrated web report and your backups - it is a snapshot and regularly replaceable.


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