An Ancestry Geography View Please

Hello, the geography section currently has the ability to generate a Descendant pin map but not one for Ancesters that are often the most interesting (where you come from in the country as opposed to where people spawn off to that can get quite crowded on a UK map!

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I am currently working on a new view for that.


Legend! Thanks ever so much! How will we know when it’s around please? Thanks

I see that Serge has removed the “Work in progress flag” from so it is presumably ready to start testing.

You could grab the four files and put them into a new subdirectory ‘GeoAncestor’ of your gramps51/plugins directory right now if you want to try it out. Or wait a couple of days until it gets accepted and becomes available via the usual addons update.


Well, since I recommended it I should be the first to try it :-p it would be rude not to! Thanks so much SNoiraud!

Edit- I would do if Github actually made their systems accessible. I’m bright - what the hell is this inaccessibly cr*p system that is trending called Github?? (it’s been around for a long time but i’m sick of having to do a mathematical equation to navigate it?).

I just did a series of filtered event maps and thought people might like to see Geography views of the same data rendered with different map services.

This uses the ‘All Places related to Events’ where I’ve used custom filters to limit the Events to my direct ancestors (974 People), where the Events occurred in Scotland (429 out of 2,865 Events) but where the place was more specific than Scotland (71 places) (83 Events)

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It would be really good to see this sort of view automated rather than static i.e. to visualise where your ancestry begins and to see it spread out across the map over time!

This will help to visualise things like migration routes etc.

you would like maps for specific points or periods of time then automate the display to show the change over time. i would like to also be able to drive the display over time with something like a slider button and let it run from there, forward or backward.