Gramplet This Day in Family History


The Gramplet This Day in Family History works incorrectly?

It should only show events that contain the role Primary, right?

However, the gramplet also displays events with the role Witness etc…

As soon as the event is split and assigned to another role, at least one duplicate entry for the event appears in the Gramplet on the day of the event.

Today shows

On February 20 in the family history …
… Johannes N… was born in 1775 in He…
… Otto Georg Re… entered military service in 1940 in unknown place
… Elise La… died in 1964 in Nied… (role primary)
… Frieda Re… died in 1964 in Nied… (role witness)

If one has now e.g. a birth with 10 godfathers, but I have them, then there are also 11 entries to the baptism event. Or with a marriage with several witnesses …

The hint to problems with the Gramplet I have seen, just wanted to draw attention to it again.

Greetings - Jan

(Gramps v5.1.3 LMDE4)

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