Getting started?

Gramps version 5.1.4 / Operating System OSX El Capitan 10.11.6
Having difficulty in begining to use gramps.
All seems well until I start to engage and am stopped by error notices suggesting stop, desist, restart. I have attempted to report these, but I can’t get on with Mantis.
While in People I find multiple duplication has occurred. It appears that family tree data has been imported twice. Could there be a connection?


The difficulties you have mentioned do not sound familiar. But the description leaves out any details… so it is hard to be certain.

Please explain what you are doing as you “start to engage”.

And “stop, desist, restart” is vague and unfamiliar. How is this “suggested”? With a specific OS error dialog or a Gramps error dialog?

This forum is a better place for diagnosing problems. If we help you determine there is a specific bug, we can move on to figuring out what you mean by “can’t get on with Mantis”

Duplicate data should not generate terminal Error Conditions. But merging is a slow, tedious, mistake prone and painful process. So it does not make sense to attempt a massive merging job because you have made a mistake at the beginning.

Since you have not yet gotten started and there are already duplicates, you will probably want to begin again with a fresh blank Tree and import again. (But only once!)

Start again. Create a new Tree, then import the file, then make a backup.

Once you have the data in a good Tree without duplications, delete the defective Tree with duplicates. (It would be bad workflow to destroy a defective Tree until you are certain you have something better. However, renaming the Tree to indicate it has a Problem is a good idea.)

As you begin, make frequent backups so that you can undo mistakes. As you become more adept, you can make backups less frequently.

As a learning tool, it is strongly recommended that you do experiments and learn new technique with Example.gramps data imported into a fresh, blank Tree.

The examples in the wiki and any tutorials use this tree. The illustrations will match if you have correctly followed the steps. (Although the dialog ‘themes’ will be slightly different, the data will be the same. Most illustration screen captures are from Linux or Windows computers. macOS screen captures are rare.)

So using the example.gramps Tree will make it easier to be certain you understood and did the task correctly.

Delete the imported example.gramps tree each time you complete the learning task. Create a new tree and import again so that the next lesson has the standard data again.

Hello again. Thanks for your patience.
Bear in mind I am transitioning from the Chromebook to iMac(refurb) - am using the former to type this, having failed to do it on the latter.


The above needs no explanation, it appeared after I tried to investigate the duplication in the People list.

I mean to take up your suggestions on Example, so I may be gone some time

Broken pipe suggests that Gramps was talking to your web browser to send that to our wiki page, and then you closed that (safari) and lost contact. It’s highly technical, but not directly related to your original problem, whatever that is.

Can you tell us a bit more about what you did? My guess is that you selected a .gramps file, or a .ged file, and repeated that. Gramps may then import the same tree twice.

Normal procedure is that you start the Gramps program from the toolbar, I think. I don’t have a Mac, but I can simulate one on my PC, and that’s quite slow.

Have you tried following the instructions on:

There’s an oddity (related to the GTK+ toolkit File Selector dialog behaviors) that MIGHT be connected to the double import.

The dialogs Gramps use via that toolkit are designed to use single-clicks rather than double-click.

So I wonder… might it be possible to accidentally queue up 2 imports with a double-click? And, if Gramps doesn’t test for that ugliness, might it not import the data twice?

I absolutely KNOW that that there is SOME queuing. (Already isolated & the report has been filed.) By default, the topmost folder is ‘selected’ in the dialog. So, if you double-click, the 1st click opens the folder & the 2nd click is passed through to the next refresh. If the next level has only files. The 1st file will be already selected. So the queued click will be passed through & open that file.

That’s bad enough. But I guess we need to do an experiment to discover what happens to the 2nd click if double-clicking a selected FILE.

H’m, sounds interesting. I may be able to test that with my emulator, but it would be easier (for me …) if Neil tries this. Can you do that?

The screenshot indicates “/Volumes/Gramps-5.1.4/[blah]”. I believe that means that @boris441 is trying to run Gramps from the Installer dmg. I suspect that is at least part of the problem.

@boris441 make sure Gramps is not running and then drag and drop
Gramps from the “Gramps-5.1.4” window into your Applications folder. You will probably have to supply your admin password to permit the operation. To launch Gramps afterwards, find the icon in your Applications folder and double click it. You can also drag the Gramps icon from the Applications folder onto your Dock to give yourself easy, one-click access.

Perhaps the dmg could be changed in the future to make this more clear? Often, such dmg installers include a link to the Applications folder and instructions to drag the app onto the link.


Thank you Craig. Your suggestion appears correct. This is a great encouragement. However, I haven’t made any furher progress to date.
I intend putting the Gramps project on hold, as another project is demanding my attention and has priority.
Thank you everyone - I’ll be back!

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