Get an error while importing a previously exported tree

While importing a previously exported family tree I’m receiving an error “error extracting into…”.
Wondering what is causing the error and how can I fix it.

Any help is much appreciated.
Gramps 5.1.5 on Linux Mint v20.3

Gramps Import2023-01-07 14-19-12

When importing a Gramps package with media file, the media objects will extract to the folder listed in your error message.

If that folder already exists, Gramps will not extract to that folder again.

As a practical issue, you should limit creating backups with media. It is easier to use the Gramps backup without media for the data information and then backup any media manually or with a backup tool. Backup with media files can become very large very quickly.

I only use the with media export when I am pruning my master database and lopping off a branch for a cousin to select out the media files that they will need.

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