Import pictures using GEDCOM?

Gramps 5.1.5 on Linux Mint 21.1
Exported GEDCOM from Legacy Family Tree. Imported into Gramps. Images files did not import.
Any suggestions?

Image files are not included in the gedcom 5.5.1. You have to copy them over manually.

Different export format that might work?
I can do PAF or 7 other target formats such as, Pedigree Resource File, Basic, Generic, MyHeritage, Ancestry Family Tree,,

You can try the Download Media addon tool. This should work if the path imported into Gramps is a url.

If you have the Base Media path set in Preferences, the tool will download the media into that folder.

Caveat: It has been a long while since I tested this tool.

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Thanks for your input!

When you export from Legacy, or any other Windows program for that matter, media will probably have paths with a drive letter and backslashes in them, which don’t work on Linux.

And if that’s the case, you may try a search and replace on those in the GEDCOM file, or in Gramps itself, after import. We have a tool for that.

If you have your media files in Legacy linked to local files in a root folder, you can just point Gramps to that folder and see if that help, also try run the Media Manager tool in Gramps after you done that.

If that doesn’t show your media files in Gramps, you might need to reimport the images manually.

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