GEDZIP : myfile.gdz

GEDZIP defined here : The FamilySearch GEDCOM Specification
is very nice and simple extention to gedcom to reduce the GEDCOM on disk and for emails.
I hope that GRAMPS will support it in a very near future.

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Part of GEDCOM 7 for which a Gramps feature request has already been raised.

I don’t think we can separate the GEDZIP from the rest of GEDCOM 7, we will have to implement this all together in order to expect support from anyone else.

We will have to look at a number of aspects of GEDCOM 7 to see if or how much of the updated data model we want to support. Doing everything allowed in the spec would mean a LOT of changes to Gramps. I personally wouldn’t mind trying to support almost every change, but I’m not the boss, and some GEDCOM elements have in the past been rejected for support in Gramps.

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Some new features would be useful and I can’t see any problems in adding them. For example the additional value of “X” for the SEX tag in addition to “M” and “F” seems sensible.

Other features cause minor issues. For example, the restriction (RESN) tag allows records to be marked as privacy, confidential and locked. We already use a lock icon for privacy which may cause confusion. Do we want to support all three restriction types?

Some features cause problems and need some thought. For example, Gedcom 7 allows the association (ASSO) tag to be added to events. Shared events in Gramps makes this feature unnecessary.

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