Gedcom Import Gender errors

I sometimes import a large Ancestry tree via gedcom to use Data Verification report. I have three couples that consistently show up with gender reversed (female father and male wife). I have reviewed them in Ancestry and can find no reason for this to occur. I am curious to know if any one can explain this.

What do you see if you inspect the gedcom file. Is the gender correct in there.

I looked a one of the couples and their sex is correct in the gedcom. There are only three couples among the hundreds in the tree that are flagged by the verify data report. It is curious. I was wondering if it is flagging them incorrectly as mother and father somehow and has nothing to do with gender.

Just as a matter of curiosity, could you look at the Edit Family dialog for the imported families of those 3 couples?

Is the spouse on the left the Husband (the one incorrectly imported as Female)? Or is that husband on the right? (Sorta wondering if the GEDCOM importer tweaks the gender during import if the family spouses are in the unexpected order.)

Ok! I took a bunch of screenshots so I can see what is what. ( I will not send unless you want them). There are three couples that show up as female husband right before the husband and wife with same surname.
When I looked at the three couples, I noticed that one woman had two husbands and it was the second husband that shows as mother to the wife father in family screen.
The woman appears on line 427660 of the gedcom and the husband that shows up as mother is on line 428470. The first husband (who appears as father in family screen) is on line 399355.

The other two couples were just couples. The first one the husband mother is on line 391380 and the wife father is on line 384474.

The last couple the husband mother is line 399822 and the wife father is one line 405070.

So, in the first two the female was first and the last one the male was first, Maybe the order is not the issue. The genders all seem correct.

If all persons’ SEX is OK, in their INDI records, I suggest that you look at the FAM records where they are referenced. These records look like this

0 @F0001@ FAM
1 HUSB @I2437@
1 WIFE @I2439@

and the HUSB and WIFE tags shown here decide where the person appears in the family screen.

That is where the error occurs. I suspected as much, but did not know where to look.
I am guessing that they where incorrectly entered in Ancestry and when corrected did not switch at some level.

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