GEDCOM files for testing?


while testing the modifications i made to the verification tool I was looking for huge GEDCOM files I could test with. I came across GedFan which can generate big files. Unfortunally the files only contain one linear tree with no events like birth, death or marriage. It also runs only with Windows…

I just wrote a small awk script to enhance the generated GEDCOM and add calculated birth and death dates to each person as well as a marriage event to each family:

I was wondering if there are similar tools around which can generate good (big) GEDCOM files? I know about the ITIS file and so on, but from what I understood its even worse to match a real tree…

My repository has a small sampling of Test Files that includes the Royal92.ged

The Royal92 GEDCOM file (by Denis Reid b.1937, d.1998) Is a good test with real data. Since it was created in 1992, it has quite a few problems. (Not great sourcing though. And the places are typical low quality harmonization that lack GPS coordinates.)

You can pull some other real data from :

The Royal sets are the most current era with the most events.

I have a Karel de Grote GEDCOM with more than 600,000 persons, but it has data of living persons in it, so I can only share it in private. Would that work for you?

How long does it take for you to import it into Gramps? :smiley:
If you like to share it I’ll give it a try. Maybe send me a link to it via PM?

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