Merging old GEDCOM files

I am trying to determine the best way to merge files from various other programs for 30+ years of research. Most of the files are in a GEDCOM format - although I am not certain which version of GEDCOM 5 they would be in without opening each one.
Some of the files are quite large with 7000+ names in them, while some are branch specific with as few as 25 names.
I have tried to merge two of the largest files and now have to acknowledge each match - something that will probably mean that GRAMPS is not the program for this project.
Are the any helps to make this an easier process?
Thank you,

There is a tool Find Possible Duplicate People that may help you.

That is what I am using, but looking for something that will automatically merge obvious duplicates. This is a manual process that I have done, but with 7000+ names in the DB that get merged, a lot of clicking.
Thank you.

Unfortunately, it is a Premium article and I cannot read it, even though it is only May 1 and I have not read any articles in May from FT Magazine.

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