Merging old GEDCOM files

I am trying to determine the best way to merge files from various other programs for 30+ years of research. Most of the files are in a GEDCOM format - although I am not certain which version of GEDCOM 5 they would be in without opening each one.
Some of the files are quite large with 7000+ names in them, while some are branch specific with as few as 25 names.
I have tried to merge two of the largest files and now have to acknowledge each match - something that will probably mean that GRAMPS is not the program for this project.
Are the any helps to make this an easier process?
Thank you,

I think one of the software mentioned here will benefit you, and then you can import the resulting gedcom to Gramps…

There is a tool Find Possible Duplicate People that may help you.

That is what I am using, but looking for something that will automatically merge obvious duplicates. This is a manual process that I have done, but with 7000+ names in the DB that get merged, a lot of clicking.
Thank you.

Unfortunately, it is a Premium article and I cannot read it, even though it is only May 1 and I have not read any articles in May from FT Magazine.

GenMatcher and GenMerge…

I dont know if its free software… I use Legacy familytree when I need to have semi-automated merge…

Another software you can look at thats free open source that work with gedcom only and are true to the standard are Ancestris, It might have some automatic merge…

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