Consistency Checker

One of the things I quite like in My Heritage is the Family Tree Consistency Checker wonder if this had ever been developed or considered as a Report for Gramps
Images show typical checks carried out


The Verify the Data tool has some of these checks.

Perhaps you could compile a list of the My Heritage FT Consistency Checker tests that are NOT done and suggest them for a 2nd round of enhancements in the “Interest in enhancing” thread? (Then we could spin that off into a new thread and close the original completed in 5.2 thread.)


I will do the comparison and list but I would prefer a Report that could end up in .csv or .txt style so you could save and then work through the list deleting those that have been corrected. Could there also be an Export button on the Verify Window?

I find verify a bit messy from that point of view especially if you get past a few dozen corrections


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Personally, I would rather that it generated a hotlinked Note. Or (since hotlinks don’t survive pasting to another note) maybe a series of notes, one for each test.

Or maybe… generate a linked Quickview. Where the quickview Table could be exported to CSV or a Note. (Although one of the flaws of the table copy in quickviews is that it excludes headers.)

Not forgotten this just the list is rather long and not got through all the options yet

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You might also want to look at the Experimental version by @kku

(I do not recall the “Verify the Data” tool having Kari’s check for unmarried Families that have a “Marriage” family event. It might be the same as “Marriage date but not married”. But the date requirement might mean they are different tests.)

Check his might be be a good 1st step. He aready has written theGramps compatible test. They just have to be rolled into the interface and module.

I have looked at this and will obviously adjust my list accordingly however I am still unconvinced that is the correct mechanism

I would much more favour some form of exported data .csv or .txt so I can have the report open and work my way through the list on GRAMPS. as I have seen it so far does not facilitate this being onscreen in GRAMPS only.


There doesn’t seem to any way to pass a request to open an Object Editor for a specific record from outside Gramps. That’s why I suggest generating a Note instead of a report. You CAN have a Gramps object link in a Note. So a worklist could be used where you could “punch” items on the list over several sessions. Since Gramps uses a “gramps://” in the URL, then perhaps a custom protocol handler (e.g. gramps://) could be registered on the system to pass parameters when the application is not running. Inferring from the Link Editor, there is a feature to listen for the “gramps://” custom URL protocol and extract parameters from the URL.

Alternatively GrampsWeb must ways to call up a specific editor from a hotlink within a session.