GEDCOM 5.5.1 compliance, gedcom export warnings

Sometimes I’m exporting my Gramps data using Gedcom export, to be able to upload the data to, a helpfull dutch service that displays family trees.

It turns out that this websites points to some incompatibilities of the exported GEDCOM format, by pointing to the website:

This wesite says it is a gedcom validator. One example found is that whenever I provide a description for a marriage, this is exported as follows: (as an example)

EVEN Gramps description marriage between person X and peron Y
TYPE Marriage

And when validating the above, the validator service says:

*** Line 3043: Tag EVEN has non empty content: Gramps description marriage between person X and peron Y

My question:

  • Did anybody else check if the exported GEDCOM by Gramps is indeed validated, and how would a proper export look like?

When reading the 5.5.1 Gedcom standard it looks like the gedcom-tag that could be used should be MARR …
instead of
TYPE Marriage

My quesiton is basically: is this really a gramps gedcom issue or is gedcom just a very difficult standard to comply with?

Thank you,

Hello Hace,

I just checked a GEDCOM created by my own Gramps 5.1, with a marriage described as ‘kerkelijk’, and in my GEDCOM it appears as

2 TYPE kerkelijk

And this also works for descriptions with more than one word.

Are you sure that you didn’t type ‘Marriage’ as the event type yourself, instead of choosing ‘Huwelijk’ from the menu?

That’s interesting.
I’m sure I’m using the default “Huwelijk” as the type → I’m starting gramps in the nl-NL (Dutch) indeed, and this ends up as that in the exported GEDCOM.
Using Gramps 5.1.5-1 on windows.
Am not using the Gedcom2 extension.

Just thinking out loud. Was this marriage event in the Person view or the Family view? Might be the difference.

You have this Gedcom description when the marriage is a person event.
If it is a family event, you have a MARR tag.

Thank you Serge!

I found that in Gramps, the event was of type “Bruidegom” (Groom) instead of type “Familie” (Family).

I’m not sure how that happened, maybe I have imported that particular family data from somebody else. Question: should Gramps have “warned” me about this marriage event type not being of the family type? Or what could be a good reason to assign another type?

Also, I’ve found that several marriages have been registered “duplicated” in my personal database, that is, the marriage is registered as two personal events for both husband and wife, instead as one family event. Might also be due to imports of data.
I see that I can “merge” these individual marriage-events together, and drag-and-drop to the family to just make it one event (joined for both husband and wife as a family event). Does Gramps prefer how to register a marriage?

The official way is as a family event. I did that in PAF, long ago, and it’s the standard in GEDCOM.

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