Gallery support for .jpg.webp image format

While grabbing the some Royals web pictures from wikipedia with Firefox, discovered that Gramps does not recognize and thumbnail an emerging standard image format: WebP.

Support for the format was added in the 2.9.2 version of GIMP. In version 2.9.6, the feature set was rounded out.

Could that format be added to the built-in readable image formats?

And while we’re at this, can we support PDF too? Many archives provide scans packed as PDF’s, and they don’t show up in previews.

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And rtf and text as well?

I suspect that we’re talking 2 different pieces of the pie.

Image formats (like .webp) should be directly supported with internal viewers & have thumbnailing.

But other media file types (like .rtf, .pdf, .mov), should leverage external viewers but have thumbnailing.

Bruce Jackson pushed a commit that adds PDF thumbnailing in June 2022.

A .txt file would be unusual for an attached media object type. Should that be brought in as a Note?

In the 2014 “Is there a Python library to create thumbnails for various document file formats?” Stack Overflow thread, Felix Schwarz said that he wrote his own library (named anythumbnailer, MIT license) and Ajay K. Jain recommended Preview generator, a pypi library.

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I add markdown files all the time as media files for my research Notes because the notes function in Gramps is so limited.
A .md file is in practice just a plain text file like the .txt files…

Same with HTML files, those are also in practice just plain text.

Not everyone wants to use the note system in Gramps for multiple reasons…

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I’m with you on that. The markup/decoration format for standard Gramps Note objects is extremely fragile and inefficient. I can’t even imagine what possessed someone to use character position indexed markup instead of inline or block-level.

Maybe if the Types control was better, you’d be able to use a MIME type (like the .md or .html) to keep that painfully slow Note Editor from trying to interpret the text block.

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