Full PDF Support, including internal viewer, just like jpg

Just wanted to throw my support for full support of pdf files.

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How so?

jpegs are displayed as thumbnails and gramplets (Media Preview and Photo Tagging) inside Gramps. But there isn’t a full view inside the application. Which is probably good … since the OS selected application for the file extension is probably more capable than an internal tool would be.

The Object Editor would certainly benefit from a PDF thumbnail instead of a generic document icon. (And it would be better yet if the page could be specified for the thumbnail.)

Fedora’s “Grid View” with thumbnails.

Although a PDF form inside a view would be useful!

Our Gnome thumbnailer already supports pdf files.

For other operating systems it would be fairly easy to write your own pdf thumbnailer addon.

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I’ve got Fedora 37 running Gnome 43.9 desktop and it is providing PDF thumbnails for the OS… but they aren’t showing up in Gramps.

How do I troubleshoot that built-in thumbnailer on Gramps 5.2.1?

Have look in the /usr/share/thumbnailers directory. It contains files that define how to run the available thumbnailers and what mime types they support.

In my case I have the file evince.thumbnailer which states that evince supports the application/pdf mime type. Do you have evince installed? I think that it should be a default Gnome package.

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[Thumbnailer Entry]
Exec=evince-thumbnailer -s %s %u %o

Apparently so. Going to my Documents folder shows a Thumbnail in the OS
In Gramps, no thumbnail

In the terminal, I go to the Documents folder and running evince Reno_March_2007.pdf loads Document Viewer with:

@Nick-Hall thanks for that tip. I installed evince and now I have thumbnails for pdf files. Do you happen to know offhand of a thumbnailer that handles jp2 (jpeg2000) and rtf files?

FYI, Web API uses pillow & pdf2image to generate PDF thumbnails.

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The totem thumbnailer handles jp2 files.

I had to edit the file /usr/share/thumbnailers/totem.thumbnailer and append image/jp2; to the list of mime types to get it to work. For some reason it was disabled by default (or they forgot to add it to the list).

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Is the following in the 2022 GitHub Pull Request 1164 applicable?:

make sure the is_supported() method always returns False if the pymupdf package is not installed