Funny codes in notes on published gedcom

(Windows 10 - AIO64-5.1.4-1)

I use the Website, TribalPages to keep a tree available for family. Each time I upload a new gedcom, I see numbers and symbols in my online note that is NOT in my note on gramps file. I have been fixing this manually, but I would love to figure out how to get rid of this odd thing. Can someone help me please. I am certain it is an artifact of gramps but I have no clue how to get rid of it

you can see an example of the odd code here

Looks like the 2 Citation notes are not being processed correctly. It is not inserting the superscript citation annotation; nor is is inserting the actual body of text of those 2 Notes in the Endnotes. Instead it just encloses the IDs with @ symbols.

Could you screen capture the Edit Note dialog for either:

  • N0857
  • N2172

That will tell us if there’s something inside causing problems.

I never realized until just now that all the notes were not showing!

this is screen shot of N2172

and here is N0857

What tool do you use to show your tree ?
This is not a gramps report. So we can do nothing for you.

Something to explore.

The N2172 note attached to a Death citation looks to be one of two notes where the other note printed.

What is different about that other note? Why did that note print?

The problem seems to be related to the interpretation of a GEDCOM exported from Gramps.

Which means either:

  1. Gramps GEDCOM export is doing something different with those Citation Notes
  2. Tribalpages is not parsing that GEDCOM structure

So a GEDCOM for that single person is needed for inspection.

Agreed. One says that it is a citation for the Name. Which has all sorts of potential for unique problems. (That might just be necessary to attach the citation to another level. Maybe the person rather than the name?)

But the other is for a Death and that should a typical citation.

Perhaps the Note is a 2nd note in a the same citation. Or it is a note of a note?

Both problematic Notes are of type “Citation”. Maybe other Note Types are interpreted differently?

Try to open the gedcom with Ancestris and see what the notes look like in that software…

Looking at the page that you linked, it seems your intention is to hide information about living people, and yet the citation note for the obituary includes such information. I don’t know the solution for that, whether it involves changes in your Gramps data (to impact the GEDCOM export) or in tribablpages (to react to the settings in the GEDCOM), or both.

I can find the same kind of unmanaged things on Geneanet. In my case, the Geneweb engine behind Geneanet don’t manage multiple repositories for one source. @Rnnnn@ are visible for these unmanaged references:

So I don’t think Gramps or its Gedcom are to blame but the engine of the website which probably don’t manage multiple notes for that use.

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I’m not sure what you mean, I simply use GRAMPS. those screenshots are taken directly from the GRAMPS program.

I can not figure out how to make a single person gedcom. Can you give me the instructions for that?

that may be what is happening, but it does not happen on ever person, just a few (that I have noticed)

I am downloading the program and will try that in a few minutes

Edit to add - his notes look fine in the program you asked me to download. All 4 are there and no funny code

One other thing I just realized, those “notes” that I screen shot are not in the “NOTE” section. They are citation notes in my sources

The quick & easy way is to make a Custom Filter is to use the clipboard.

  1. Select the person in the People view
  2. Edit menu → copy
    the clipboard dialog automatically opens if it wasn’t open already
  3. select the Person on the Clipboard
  4. right-click the Person to pop up the context menu

5) choose the * Create Filter from the [RECORD TYPE] selected menu item
6) give the new filter a memorable name

Now you can just use that custom filter in the Person Filter when you do your normal Export to GEDCOM.

Your screenshots of the original Notes are from Gramps. But the 1st linked website was from Tribal Pages.

Even though those webpages were spun from a Gramps exported GEDCOM, one of Serge’s special development interests is the Narrated Web Site report, he was probably expecting your webpage questions to related to the Gramps tool.

Thank you, I have uploaded the file to my google if you or anyone would like to take a look at it.

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oh, ok I have nowhere I can host a narrated website so I have to use tribal pages, but I understand his statement now

The site automatically hides living people from anyone who is not an invited family member to my tree. I have no control over that