Full chart for whole family

Is it possible to implement a graph that will allow you to see the whole family? The perfect example is here

Some implementations


This is a frequently asked question. (Which isn’t in the Gramps FAQ.)

But the answer(s) are different based on the scope of your interpretation of “whole family”.

Is that whole tree, all ancestors & cousins, immediate family, n generations up & m generations down?

That’s right, where n generations up & m generations down. Because I would like to generate a tree similar to the one from Harry Potter


There are some that can as long as things are connected.

First one its the Relationship Graph if you select the whole database.

Another option is the plugin called “Graphs View” that is my favourite way to do it.

And the last options I personally know of is that I think the plugins called “Interactive Family Tree” and another called “Network Chart” can do it. You might have to change some settings, dont remember.

May be other options I dont know about, like external tools.

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