Forms for UK Civil Registration Indexes

I can’t find any form defintions for UK civil registration birth, marriage and death indexes (for the Form gramplet). Is anyone aware of any existing definitions?
If not, is this something that would be useful, to complement the existing forms for the actual BMD certificates? I’m happy to create some and submit a PR if so.

From the documentation, it looks like adding the Form add-on adds a series of forms definitions for various countries to the User directory. And more definitions are made available in the testing area. But, to keep the list from becoming unusably long, only those associated with a Source are visible.

You need to enable the pertinent set. Until such time as you set up a source with the relevant Form Attribute, none of those forms will be available.

A set called form_gb.xml for the UK is already included. You can also find them on GitHub.

There’s a “Forms help” thread about this on the maillist:

Form Attributes will be something like:

IE1911 for the Irish 1911 Census
CY1901 for the Welsh 1901 Census
UK1861 for the English/Welsh Census
US1900 for the USA Census

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