Font size setting isn't working

When I try to increase the font size in Family Lines Graphs it doesn’t work and the size remains as it was before. Am I doing something wrong? Is there some other layout setting that overrides your chosen font size?


Win 7 64

Hi Path

This is not a report I use except when someone else raises a question and I spend some time exploring.

I am not sure what is actually happening. Without changing any settings other than the font size (Graphviz Layout tab), the font does not appear to change in the output (PDF Ghostscript).

What does appear to have a greater affect on font size is the size of the output (paper size) and most importantly, width.

Another major contributing factor is how much of the place names are displayed. I changed the displayed place from a full hierarchy to one displaying the populated place and the state. (Boston, Massachusetts instead of Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts, U.S.A.) With the reduced amount of horizontal space needed for the shorter name, the font became larger.

Apparently, the graph takes the information given to it and fills the horizontal space accordingly.

I am not 100% but this is what I am seeing.

Hope this helps.

And I just fully recognized one of the Graphviz Options. Aspect ratio.

Mine was set to “Fill the given area” which caused what I was seeing. There is another option to “Compress to minimal size”. With this option, the font size option may have greater meaning.

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