Filter for broken links especially media?


Is there some way I can filter for broken links in media especially?

I have had two piles of media for people, one under …\ToBeGramped and one under …\HasBeenGramped. Now that the number of files in each folder is getting to multiple pages, it’s hard to jump around like that and I changed to …\Surname\Surname, Given name\HasBeenGramped where ToBeGramped is in the person folder and is moved to HasBeenGramped when the media object exists in Gramps and I connected it up.

The issue is, while combining the two sub-trees, I found discrepancies that are resolved not in favor of the ToBeGramped branch, and simply changing the multimedia path doesn’t find the files. It would be handy to know which links are still broken rather than going thru them all.


GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2 on Win 10

There is a tool, Media Verify (a 3rd party addon), that will search the media folder you have set in Preferences against the files that you have added to Gramps.

If you have moved or renamed a file after adding it to Gramps (and if it is the sub-folders of the media path you set) it can update the path information in the Gramps media record.

It will also search the hard drive media path you set and find files that have not been added to Gramps.

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Yippee! Exactly what I need, plus more. Thanks!!

Is there a place I should search to come across this on my own? Or does one just need to read all the tools? I threw a search at the help category before I made a new topic.

Thanks again,


The 3rd Party add-ons list is a good thing to review occasionally.

But there are a lots of patches and experimental add-ons on GitHub that remain accessible but require a bit of spelunking.

In Preferences you can have Gramps check for addon tools and reports and automatically have them installed.

Yes. That Preferences option is a good way to collect tools.


  • having a tool
  • remembering you have that tool
  • knowing what a tool is good for
  • understanding how to access a tool
  • being skilled with a tool

are ALL different things.

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And remembering which reports and tools are:

  • Addons
  • Installed with the core Gramps program

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