Feature - save family tree view settings #67

Received an up date on the issue in the subject line, so I must have been looking at this before now, but it reminded me that I am unable to see where to change this view at all. I see is a means of changing the “scope” of the display, which is horizontal.

Attempted to sign up at the demo site the verify that feature is available in gramps web, but have, after 20 minutes, not received a confirmation email.

So, I guess my question is, in Gramps Web, is there a means to change the direction of the tree view, where to I find it if so?

Gramps 5.2.0
Gramps Web API 2.0.0
Gramps Web Frontend 24.2.1
locale: en
multi-tree: false
task queue: true

That issue is about saving the preferred view. It should be obvious how to change that. If you’re referring to horizontal vs vertical, that option doesn’t exist right now, see here Feature - Family tree vertically · Issue #18 · gramps-project/gramps-web · GitHub. However the next version will contain a new relationship graph that happens to be vertical.

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You can log into the demo site using username: owner and password: owner. No need to register (you would be waiting for someone else logged in as owner confirming your registration request…).

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Thanks for the information.