Fan Chart Doesn't Display name correctly

Hello, I am using version GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2 (64bit) on a Windows 10 computer. I am new to the program (1 day). I notice that the Ancestor Fan Chart doesn’t show full surnames in generation boxes more than 5 generations out being truncated. Is there anyway I can make the boxes bigger so they show the names in full please. Many thanks and stay safe.


Unfortunately, for something like a Fan Chart, the real estate for each person’s box is finite. But there are some things you can try.

For every view, there will be a Configure View button Gramps-config in the tool bar. This will allow settings unique to the view.

Switching the Fan Chart view to a full circle will increase the space for each box. You can also change how many generations to display. And lastly, you can experiment with the font used. Some fonts are naturally more condensed than others and this may help in the earlier generations.


Are you asking about the Chart view Fan mode (Ancestor, Descendant, & 2-way) or the Graphical Report?

The Chart view is very limited by the screen resolution & is not ‘zoomable’. The report has more scalable fonts. (Note that there is a pending patch for finer text rotations in the Fan Chart report posted on GitHub. And another for larger arc than 180°)