Everything about this program - Absolutely free right through?

Everything about this program - ABSOLUTELY FREE RIGHT THROUGH?

I’m running Windows 10

No charge for anything in this project. Not for the software, community support, nor for any of the add-ons available through the plug-in manager.

There is NO ‘professional’ version with any superset set of features or that removes limits.

There’s no adware.

There are no subscription fees for any cloud storage or services. No subscriber fees to join the User or Developer maillist. No membership fees to be a developer, a translator, or WikiContributor.

There is no license fee for distributing copies of the software with your genealogical research.

But Genealogy is addictive. It will cost you time & effort… lots and LOTS of time & effort.

You are certainly welcome to donate your time towards improving the project or donate towards the overhead costs associated with the project.


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