Error uploading media ZIP: "You must call `@jwt_required()` or `verify_jwt_in_request()` before using this method"

Hello! I’m a long time user of the Gramps software. I recently discovered the GrampsWeb interface and I’m excited about the possibilities! I’m ironing out the kinks on my home server. Presently, I’m having trouble uploading a media ZIP file. Attempting to upload the media file ends with a red ‘X’. The tooltip over the red ‘X’ reads as follows:

“You must call @jwt_required() or verify_jwt_in_request() before using this method”

The server runs Fedora 38.
Java is OpenJDK 20.0.1.
SELinux has been toggled on and off with no effect.

System information is:

Gramps 5.1.5
Gramps Web API 1.1.0
Gramps.js 0.22.0
locale: en
multi-tree: false
task queue: true

Many thanks for all that you do!

Hi! Thanks for reporting this. It’s a new feature and it could be that there are still some issues. I will try reproducing it.

It’s really weird, I can’t reproduce it.

Is it possible for you to look into the user table of your users.sqlite and see if your current user has something in the column tree?

Hello! I lapsed for a day, there. Let me know if this is the information you requested.

# sqlite3 users.sqlite
SQLite version 3.40.1 2022-12-28 14:03:47
Enter “.help” for usage hints.
sqlite> .tables
alembic_version configuration trees users
sqlite> select * from trees;

Some additional information: The tree was imported successfully from a Gramps XML file created on my desktop. The media ZIP was created by exporting a Gramps XML package (.gpkg) on my desktop, extracting it using tar -xvf, paring down the number of files to reduce the final ZIP file size down to something manageable, for starters, and then re-zipping the remaining files using zip -r.


sorry, missed your message. Can you please also do select * from users?

No problem! I see GrampsHub is up and running. It looks great!

Here is the information. There is a lot of hex. My username, email address, and real name are in there. I have substituted them out, but could replace them if necessary for the diagnosis. It looks something like this:

sqlite> select * from users;
c812001921604fa99ec773d5648b00c8|[username]|[email address]|[real name]|e86ade72ca88196d81c39a2482c09924401a2a18254e409d6a609c2750cc54e02a7ff5e05f5b95e701a7edd5a8b6e9919b5dae15d13a3941010c09bac6ec6b476f527e70080bde59dedc567d147e4303d30c6029a73bd0c03e3b2679549e0816|5|