Edit file names

Did a new gedcom import and cleaning up my media organization and was wondering how hard would it be to add the ability to change a file name in the edit media path without having to do it with an external file manager. Basically when you right click on the file, have rename as an option in the drop down menu.

I have been pondering what you are seeking.

The best I can figure is to perform an edit of the Gramps Media record’s path field that would also perform an edit of the raw file name on the hard drive? You can already edit the Gramps media record by double-clicking or right-click edit.

One tool that already exists is the Media Verify tool (a 3rd party addon). It works with the Base relative media path to bring the raw media files on the hard drive into agreement with the path and file name.

Using your example of importing a GEDCOM file, the first thing to do is use the Generate button in Media Verify. This will set the checksum for each media file on the Gramps media record.

Then you can rename and move the raw media files on the hard drive keeping them within base media path set in Preferences or its sub-directories. Then you can use the Fix button in Media Verify to bring the path in the Gramps media record into sync with the hard drive files.

I recently broke my Census folder files into sub-folder based upon Country and or Year. Moved all the files and did some renaming. Then using Media verify had it update the Gramps records.

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