Duplicate event roles


Some kind of roles, not all, are dupplicated when looking for them at event creation.
Type cleanup utility doesn’t see these double roles. Do you have any idea where these ghost roles come from?


Type Cleanup:

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One of them is a custom type that you can see in the Type Cleanup tool. The other is the French translation of the pre-defined type of Celebrant.

It looks like there is a bug that allows the creation of a custom type with the same name as a translated pre-defined type. I don’t think that this bug exists when using Gramps in English.

It could also happen if the user was running Gramps in another language (like English) and manually entered “Officiant”. Then when running Gramps in French it would look like this. Once in the db as a custom type, it would remain that way. In this case a use of the Type Cleanup tool rename function to the standard Gramps type would fix this in your db.

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Can I make sure there is only one left? With the typecleanup utility?